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Rehearsal Diner

The Rehearsal Diner is an English term meaning "rehearsal diner".

B.Floral offers you a table decoration that will make an impression!

Your Rehearsal Diner with B.Floral! 

The Rehearsal Diner is done either with all the guests, or in small groups with family and friends on the porch or witnesses. 

What is the Rehearsal Diner?

It is a dinner that takes place before the wedding, often made the day before, or two days before the big event. Very often insmall committee, this is when it is easier to give the floor to people who will not have the opportunity to speak at the wedding or to make longer speeches. It's sort of a wedding prep dinner. 

We give you the best advice!

Given the more intimate nature of the Rehearsal Diner, we will suggestplaces atypical, in places specific to the island, on a beach, in a tropical garden, or in places that cannot be found in New York or Paris for example. 

What we offer you

The Rehearsal Diner being carried out in a small committee, the decoration that we propose is more personal to the bride and groom. The guests take the time to eat and chat. We therefore create a table decoration which aims to highlightosmosiseach element, from the crockery to the chosen glasses.

Fleurs jaunes et violettes


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Make a magical place to surprise your significant other

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